It is a combination of many known and unknown reasons linked to a person’s genetic makeup, family history, traumatic events in their life (abuse, financial issues, grief, break ups), some medication, and having a history of other disorders including anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health conditions.

When we are in a depressive episode, finding the motivation and energy to look after ourselves or seek help can seem so far from what we feel capable of- but taking the first few steps in that direction can have a huge impact on our recovery and uplift our mental state.  The important thing to remember with depression is that it is treatable. The feeling or episode won’t last forever.

Symptoms of Depression

Everyone’s experience will be completely different, but common signs and symptoms include:

Persistent feelings of hopelessness
Loneliness, sadness, emptiness or worthlessness, often after the loss of a job, partner or potential opportunity. The feeling that hope, ideas or future plans seem worthless or no longer a possibility.

Loss of interest in hobbies or activities
Which used to be enjoyable due to weariness and a desire to remain alone rather than in the company of others.

Sleep disturbances
In the form of either sleeping too much or not sleeping enough. In the case of sleeping too much, feeling constantly tired and not leaving the bed can mean spending a larger percentage of time sleeping, letting work, hobbies and relationships go. Alternatively, having so many thoughts running through our mind can also lead to a lack of sleep.

Brain fog
Manifests itself through difficulty in thinking clearly, making decisions and retaining information due to missing clarity and direction during this low state.

Changes to eating patterns
In the form of both loss of appetite and losing weight as well as increased appetite and gaining weight.

Low self-esteem
Linked to feelings of hopelessness, lack of motivation and shame. These feelings are often accompanied by withdrawing from our group of friends, leaving hobbies and even stopping work.

Increased reliance on alcohol, tobacco or other recreational drugs
When we find ourselves alone or with our friends. We use drugs, tobacco and alcohol as a coping mechanism to momentarily pull ourselves out of the hole we feel we’re in so that we can socialise or not feel the emotions we have swirling around us.

Our treatment approach

The doctor or mental health professional will be able to suggest various treatments both medical and therapeutic (including talking therapy, art therapy and alternative therapies) which might be beneficial depending on individual cases and preferences.

How we can help

The best time to seek help with depression is as soon as you feel it coming on. Often people wait too long to seek help, but the sooner you do, the sooner you can find your way to recovery. In cases when you feel like your depression is mild to moderate but manageable, you may be able to help yourself with some lifestyle changes mentioned below. However, if you feel you may want a diagnosis to put your mind at ease, that extra bit of support, or even treatment to prevent it from getting more severe, we can help

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Dr Pereira helps patients to meaningfully understand, make peace, develop insight and let go of the past – to be precise, clear, connected, resourceful, calm and engaged with the present, in order to release mental space, energy and contentment for the future.

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